Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Page 3


Can I substitute another graduate exam for the GRE?

If you have not yet taken a graduate school qualification test, we recommend that you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). If you have taken another qualifying test within the past five years (e.g., the MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, or GMAT), you may submit these scores in place of the GRE.

What kind of GRE / GMAT scores are you looking for?

Many students ask this question. Percentile ranking is becoming more important  to us than individual scores.  We are working toward an 85th-percentile standard,  but this depends heavily on the overall performance of our applicants, and therefore is not absolute.  Recent incoming classes have averaged between the 70th - 75th percentiles in their quantitative and analytical GRE scores.

What MCAT scores are you looking for?

We prefer individual section scores of 10 or better, particularly in the physical and biological science areas.

What LSAT scores are you looking for?

We prefer scores that are in the 70th percentile or higher.

I already have an advanced degree and have not taken the MCAT/GRE in years. Do I need to retake it?

Applicants who hold a M.D., Ph.D., or other doctoral-level degree conferred by an accredited U.S. institution may choose not to submit test scores. However, graduates of foreign doctoral programs must take the GRE or other qualifying test.  Applicants with master's-level degrees with extraordinary circumstances preventing them from retaking the GRE will be considered on a case-by-case basis, based on the strength of their other application materials.  These students should apply very early (before Jan. 31) in order to avoid delays in admissions consideration should their requests be denied.

Which of the GRE scores do you pay most attention to?

We look most closely at the quantitative and analytical scores. A low verbal score will not affect your admission chances as much as a low quantitative score.

Which institution and department codes should I use to forward my scores?

For ETS tests (GRE and GMAT), use Institution Code 5820 (University of Virginia) and Department Code 0606 (Epidemiology), regardless of the track in which you are interested. This will ensure that your scores will be efficiently forwarded to our department.  Please note that these codes are not valid for the MCAT.

Do you require the GRE Subject Test?