Part-Time & Non-Degree Student FAQ

Part-Time & Non-Degree Student FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Page 5


May I go through the program part-time?

Part-time study is available as an option for physicians and employees of the Health System and University. A part-time path through the program works most efficiently if you can take two or more courses per semester.  Please contact us to discuss the part-time plan that would work best for you. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences does require that you graduate within five years after you are first admitted. However, you may submit a request for an extension to the GSAS Dean's Office.

May I take a course or two before applying to see if the program is right for me?

Yes, many people do this. GSAS recommends that students take no more than 2 courses (6 credits) outside the degree program before applying.  Non-PHS UVA students may enroll in most of our courses with instructor permission. If you are not a student, you will need to register for classes through the Community Scholar Program in the School of Continuing & Professional Studies. Registration starts around August 1 for fall courses and December 1 for spring courses.

All persons not formally enrolled in one of the PHS programs should be aware that we must give our enrolled students first priority in selecting courses, and some courses may have waiting lists. The main section of PHS 700 may be closed  to outside students due to overwhelming demand. We encourage Citizen Scholars to consider taking the equivalent STAT 500/598 course and lab through the statistics department in the spring.  Many spring PHS courses have prerequisites. Contact the Program Coordinator to inquire about current course availability for non-PHS students.

May I take a course in the PHS department as an UVA undergraduate?

Yes, we have created 500-leavel sections in some of the PHS couses to allow a limited number of upper-division UVA undergraduate students to take our courses with instructor permission. PHS degree candidates and graduate students will always have priority in our classes. Please contact the course instructor to inquire about availability.

Does UVa offer tuition assistance for employees?

Yes, please contact the University of Virginia Human Resources Benefits Office to find out requirements.  Permission of instructor is required.