Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Page 4


Which institution and department codes should I use to forward my scores?

The TOEFL, while an ETS test, uses a different department code.  Use department code #25 when submitting TOEFL scores.  The institution code is the same as for other ETS tests: 5820.

Is there a minimum TOEFL score requirement?

Yes. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) requires that international students score at least 600 on the paper-based TOEFL or 250 on the computer-based TOEFL.  We strongly support this minimum standard.  Our program requires students to write, speak, and read extensively in English, and it is imperative that incoming students be able to understand graduate-level lectures and texts as well as express themselves effectively in speech and writing.

In GSAS's experience (and ours), international students who score significantly lower  than these minimum levels struggle seriously with academic-level work, jeopardizing their chances for success in the program.  If you do not believe your TOEFL scoresare an accurate representation of your English proficiency, we recommend that you   retake the test rather than submitting low scores that could affect your chances for admission.

I am a permanent resident of the U.S. (green card holder).  Do I need to submit TOEFL scores?