Multi-Organ Transplant Fellowship 2014

Multi-Organ Transplant Fellowship 2014

The application process is now closed for the 2014 Multi-Organ Transplant Fellowship. If you have questions about the Fellowship, please contact Dr. Kenneth Brayman, Transplant Surgery Division Chief, at


This 2 year multi-organ fellowship is approved by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

The University of Virginia Health System is a State, Level I Trauma Center, has an ACGME accredited General Surgery Residency program and supports a transplant fellowship.

The training for our abdominal transplant fellows include the following: Organ transplant including liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation, organ procurement from deceased and living donors, evaluation of the transplant donor, care of the pre-transplant candidate, backtable organ preparation, inpatient care of peri- and post- transplant recipients, immunosupression, basic understanding of expected outcomes after transplant, histocompatability and crossmatching, outpatient follow up, ethics and pathology.

Applicants must be ECFMG certified and a general surgeon to apply. Please submit your CV, Universal application and 3 letters of reference to the Division Chief, Transplant Surgery.

Interested applicants may contact:

Kenneth L Brayman, MD

Division Chief, Transplant Surgery