Research Group

Research Group

Zong Laboratory
Lab Phone: 434.982.0074 / Fax: 434.924.1236
Hui Zong

Hui Zong, PhD -- Associate Professor
B.S., Fudan University
M.S., Fudan University
Ph.D., Indiana University


Ying Jiang, PhD -- Research Scientist

B.S., Fudan University
M.S., Fudan University
Ph.D., Indiana University

I am interested in studying aberrant signaling transduction pathways in brain tumor cells with biochemistry, cell culture, and mouse genetic methods to provide insights for targeted therapeutic strategies.

ChongLiu.jpg Chong Liu, PhD -- Research Scientist

B.S., Liaoning University
D. Phil., Tsinghua University

I am interested in studying the role of tumor-niche interactions for cancer progression with cell culture, imaging, and mouse genetic methods


Maojin Yao, Ph.D. --  Research Associate

I am interested in studying how niche cells provide support to tumor cells, and the molecular mechanisms for cell fate reprogramming in tumors.


P. Brit Ventura -- Graduate Student

B.S., University of New Mexico
M.S., University of Oregon

Work in our lab has revealed a cellular reprogramming phenomenon in medulloblastoma, a type of pediatric brain tumor. I am interested in studying how reprogrammed cells serve as niche environment to provide support to tumor cells via cell-cell signaling


Phil Gonzalez -- Graduate Student

B.S., University of the Incarnate Word
M.S., University of Oregon

The loss of both p53 and NF1 tumor suppressor genes is sufficient to promote glioma formation in mouse models while the loss of either is not. I am interested in elucidating the individual roles of these TSGs in gliomagenesis, by introducing each TSG into tumor cells in cell culture system and in vivo mouse models.


Tiffany Shand -- Graduate Student

Email -

Education - B.A., Brooklyn College CUNY

I am interested in studying the signaling pathways in brain tumor cells that promote proliferation and survival.


Pítia Flores Ledur -- Visiting Student

I am interested in studying cancer stem cells, and the involvement of the reprograming factors in their arisal.


Sarah Alberstein -- Undergraduate Researcher

Education: Undergraduate Student at UVa
Research Interest: I am interested in learning about the mechanisms of medulloblastomas and in assisting lab's research to find a way to inhibit its growth.