Research Group

Research Group


Phone: 434.243.6752
Fax: 434.924.1236

Current members of the Wotton group:

  • Tiffany Melhuish, Laboratory Specialist
  • Anoush Anderson, Graduate Student
  • Glen Bjerke, Graduate Student

Positions available:

  • In addition to space for graduate students, we currently have up to 2 post-doctoral positions available.

Projects include:

  1. Analysis of transcriptional repressor complexes and their role in TGF beta signaling;
  2. Identification of targets of transcriptional repression by TGIF;
  3. Mouse models holoprosencephaly, and TGF beta signaling in brain development;
  4. The role of TGIF in TGF beta induced growth arrest, and possible links to tumorgenesis.

Past lab members:

  • Michael Kagey, Whithead Insitute, MIT, Boston
  • Shannon Powers
  • Jacqueline Merrill, VCU Massey Cancer Center
  • Cathy Walsh

More Information:

Please contact David Wotton
or (434) 243 6752

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